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Heaven(Ly) in a cup

December 23, 2009

So… speaking of *FREE* yogurt, don’t forget HeavenLy’s on 55th and H Streets. Every Friday from 4-8PM kids 12 and under partake in sweet (some sugar free) treats for *FREE*.

This East Sac Mom recommends an Irish Mint and Vanilla Bean swirl topped with crushed York Peppermint Patties and raspberries. Don’t knock it ’til you try it! We are walking distance from HeavenLy’s and are there fairly often and I appreciate that it is always clean, well lit, staffed by friendly people and there is indoor and outdoor seating. They don’t seem to mind that the hubbs and I have to take turns getting our yogurt while the other person entertains the dog and contains the baby, er, other way around.

Oh, and guess what? They take ALL COMPETITOR COUPONS. So clip away and save some money for your next visit (because I guarantee you’ll be back). One last thing– don’t forget your punch card. Buy 10 yogurts and get one *FREE*. It’s like the savings never end.

HeavenLy’s is located at 5535 H Street. For more information click here or call 916.455.6000.

We’ll see you there!

We want to know, what is your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt flavor and/or concoction?