Where to “Park”?


Hello Fellow East Sac Moms! I’m excited to be a guest contributor here at East Sac Mom, and I look forward to sharing current ideas, trends, tips and advice as they relate to real estate in wonderful East Sacramento.

Why do we love East Sac so much? If you’re like me, you were probably drawn to the family-oriented and active lifestyle, all centered around three beautiful and popular parks:  McKinley, East Portal and Bertha Henschel. As local parents, you likely know each park’s highlights—awesome playgrounds, hosting events like “Pops in the Park” and “Screen on the Green”, and the recreation they provide with their tennis courts, jogging trails and playing fields. 

What many people don’t think about, though, is the role these parks play in the decision to buy or sell a home. Given that most East Sac homes have smaller yards, being right on the park gives many families that extra room to “stretch.” Personally, I love the idea of looking out my front window, seeing my son playing at the park, and calling him back home when it’s dinnertime. Just a hop across the street? Perfect.

But as I’ve learned during several Open Houses I’ve held right across from neighborhood parks, not everyone agrees. Many people see the park as a deterrent—they’re concerned about noise, crime and parking.  And should they purchase that home “on” the park, those things also make them question re-salability.  Ultimately they like the idea of being near the park—but they don’t want to be directly on it.

In East Sac, no definite market statistics exist that show whether homes on the park sell higher or lower, faster or slower.  This is easily contributed to a lack of one common opinion on the subject. It’s sort of like swimming pools—some people love them, some people don’t.

So I pose the question to you—the East Sac Mom reader. Where is your ideal place to “park”?  Would you pay $10,000 more for a home directly on or across from the park, or would you see the park as a drawback and therefore want to pay less for a home that you loved nonetheless?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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3 Responses to “Where to “Park”?”

  1. Jennifer Crawford Says:

    I would pay less for a home right across from the park. I would expect my driveway to get blocked frequently, my yard to be walked across by people on their way to the park, etc. Near a park is great, though!

  2. Kara Says:

    I would be less likely to buy right on the park. All through the nice months, East Portal in particular is filled with bounce houses and people blasting music. I’d love to be about a block away, though.

  3. Tegan Aubrie Says:

    I’ve always thought I’d want to live right on the park– but I’ve never considered the crime and parking aspects. Good points! I guess I’d rather be on a side street near by! There’s just something about those homes around the perimeter of McKinley though…

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