FREE Toyota Safe Driving Program


Program Demonstrates Dangers of Distracted Driving in Hopes of Battling 1.6 Million Crashes Caused Annually by Cell Phone Usage and Texting While Driving

Read enough? If you are the parent of one of our East Sacramento teens, please consider registering them for this awesome *FREE* safe driving program offered at Cal Expo next weekend by Toyota.

The program’s curriculum is designed for teens and parents alike to:

  • Learn defensive driving skills and accident avoidance techniques
  • Identify the dangerous driving situations that they encounter daily
  • Experience firsthand the dangers of distracted driving and understand the relationship between distraction and reaction time
  • Understand vehicle dynamics and safety features

In an effort to foster an open dialogue between teens and parents about safe driving habits, a parent or guardian is required to attend the Toyota Driving Expectations program. As a result, parents learn the best practices to promote safe driving habits with their teen drivers, providing them with tips about how to continue improving driving skills at home.

The Toyota Safe Driving Program is open to teens aged 15-19 with a valid learners permit or drivers license and takes place at Cal Expo on March 12th and 13th.

Cal Expo is located at 1600 Exposition Boulevard and for more information or to register, click HERE.

We’ll see you there!

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