Halloween Candy Buy Back


Raise your hand if you still have more Halloween candy around the house than you know what to do with. (Now visualize that my hand is high up in the air.) Two local dentists are participating in the Halloween Buy Back program where they will actually buy your left over Halloween candy from you for $1 a pound and send it to troops over seas. How awesome is that?! You get to do something good, reduce the amount of sugar getting into your kids’ systems, and avoid the inevitable snacking that we all do (you know, after initially picking out all the good candy from the loot).

The two participating dentists in our area are…

Gary Krupa
2628 El Camino Avenue Suite C-10
Sacramento, CA 95821

Jayson A. Chalmers
3315 Alta Arden Expressway Suite B
Sacramento, CA 95825

For more information click HERE.

We’ll see you there!


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