Week End Wrap Up


You may have noticed, the posts here at East Sac Mom have been, well, sporadic at best. With my full-time day job, full-time family, and part-time attempt at actually participating in the fun *FREE* activities we highlight here at ESM, blogging has taken a back seat. Rather than give it up completely, I’m thinking a Week End Wrap Up post each week will suffice for now. (Okay, maybe a few sporadic posts here and there.) Again, an enormous thanks to Amanda for filling in twice a month with her Farm Fresh and Family Friendly posts (who else has a craving for pizza after this last post?)

Without further ado, what are you and your families doing this weekend? Here are a few ideas to get you inspired…

We’ll see you there!



3 Responses to “Week End Wrap Up”

  1. Courtney Way Says:

    Come out for the East Sac Home Remodeling Tour this Sunday 10am-4pm, sponsored by the Friends of East Sacramento. Proceeds go to parks and beautification of the neighborhood. Check out http://www.friendsofeastsac.org/ for more info! 🙂

  2. artisansofthequotidinal Says:

    Hi Courtney and Amanda! I’m a writer/stay at home mom living in Land Park and a member of the Sacramento Moms’ club. I’ve just started a parenting blog called “Artisans of the Quotidinal: Inspiration for the Everyday Genius in Every Parent,” and would also love to write for you anytime you need someone to fill in. A friend of mine from the UCD graduate writing program has connected up with some moms in her new home (back east in New Hampshire), and they have formed a great sort of cooperative blog that lightens the writing load while still providing a lot of fun information for everyone. Please send me an email if that sounds like something you’d be interested in linking up with here in Sac:)! All the best – Ellen (artisanofthequotidinal@gmail.com).

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