Farm fresh and family friendly :: homemade berry jam


My kids and I went raspberry picking last week (which you can read about here). With last summer’s raspberry jam almost gone, I’ve been eager to make more jam. Despite soaring temperatures outside, this had to be the weekend to make the jam, lest all the raspberries be eaten by little (and big) fingers.

I’m a novice preserver. My mother canned a lot when I was growing up (and still does) but I seldom paid attention or helped. Last year was the first time I tried to can anything and was surprised at how easy it was. Yes, there are many steps and yes you need to follow the instructions. But, fairly simple nonetheless. The strawberry and raspberry jam turned out well last year and I’m hoping for similar success this year.

So…if you’ve always been curious about making your own jam, go ahead and try it.

Most books and websites will tell you to by a canner, a jar grabber, and a jar funnel. If you don’t have access to these items, a huge soup pot, the jar grabber, and jars, lids, and rings will probably suffice. Most–if not all of these items–can be purchased at grocery stores. And of course you’ll need berries, sugar, and pectin. Here are a few resources with far more information than I could ever provide:

Later this summer I also hope to can tomatoes, pizza sauce, and salsa (with my mother’s help, which she has thankfully offered). I’ll let you know how it goes!


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2 Responses to “Farm fresh and family friendly :: homemade berry jam”

  1. Tegan and Tage Says:

    I’m a little intimidated by canning, but I really want to learn! We made freezer jam last summer and it was amazing:

    There is nothing like fresh berries in the summer, especially if you pick them yourself!

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    […] By June What an exciting week we’ve had at East Sac Mom! In case you missed it, check out Amanda’s post on Monday about homemade berry jam and Tuesday’s recap of our Fox 40 interview. Thank you to everyone who entered to win our […]

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