Baseball & Beer


You may have thought this post would be tagged with “For (East Sac) Dad” based on the title, but the Baseball and Beer History Tour is actually for the whole family!

Join Dr. Bob La Perriere and Alan O’Connor at the Historic City Cemetary on Saturday, July 17 at 10AM to learn about Sacramento’s past as it relates to baseball and brewing. You’ll hear stories of the city’s original “major league” players and enjoy the beauty of the city’s highest point. (Did you know the city cemetery is the highest point in Sacramento?)

Mr. East Sac Dad likes to take our toddler to the cemetary to walk around, smell the flowers, and just enjoy a piece of Sacramento history. Try it with your little ones.

The tour is *FREE* and donations are accepted (and appreciated) to aid in restoring the cemetery. The Historic City Cemetary is located at 1000 Broadway and for more information click HERE or call 916.448.0811.

We’ll see you there!


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