East Sacramento Public Pool Hours


Bertha Henschel

If your kids are like mine, they can spend the entire day at the pool (although last time we took our 1 1/2 year old he was more interested in figuring out how to get out of the gate than he was with playing in the water). Here are East Sacramento’s public pools with hours and admission:

Clunie Pool & Wading Pool
601 Alhambra Boulevard (in McKinley Park)
Open through August 22
2-4PM Tuesday through Friday/1-5PM Saturday & Sunday/Closed Mondays
$1 for 17 and younger/$2 adults

Glenn Hall Pool
5415 Sandburg Drive (where Carslon Drive ends)
Open through September 6
3-5PM Monday, Wednesday & Friday/1-5PM Sundays/Closed Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Open Labor Day 1-5PM
$1 for 17 and younger/$2 adults

Bertha Henschel Play Pool
A & 45th Streets
Open through August 22
12-4PM Monday-Friday/1-5PM Saturday & Sunday
Admission for parents and children under 7 only

We’ll see you there!


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2 Responses to “East Sacramento Public Pool Hours”

  1. Kristy Says:

    Luckily these pools are still open. It makes me sad (with all the budget cuts) seeing so many Sac pools cutting their hours or closing. Kids love swimming! Doesn’t the city know that?!?! 🙂

    • East Sac Mom Says:

      You are absolutely right, Kristy. It is sad. We have been fortunate in East Sacramento to have been able to rally the community to support our pools. I hope we can keep it up.

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