Wellness Wednesdays + Whooping-Cough Outbreak


Doesn’t this serene, peaceful view of McKinley Park make you want to go for a jog? Yeah, not me either. It is pretty though. And just because I don’t necessarily want to exercise, I definitely need to. Sometimes I just need a little motivation and the *FREE* wellness workouts offered on Wednesdays during the month of July are just what the doctor ordered.

Join Sacramento Wellness at the corner of 35th Street and McKinley Boulevard on Wednesdays in July from 6:30PM to 7:30PM to participate in a workout for all fitness levels. Don’t forget your towel and water bottle!

The purpose of this workout is to strengthen muscles and increase metabolism by improving cardiovascular fitness.  Using core strengthening exercises and stretches designed to maintain flexibility and prevent injury, we strive to create an experience that will leave you feeling great!
For more information check out the Sacramento Wellness blog HERE or call 916.712.7154.
We’ll see you there!
Since we’re on the subject of health we wanted to remind you that there is a recent whooping-cough outbreak that the California Department of Public Health is saying may be the worst in 50 years. What does this mean to East Sac Moms? A typical case of pertussis in children and adults starts with a cough and runny nose for one-to-two weeks, followed by weeks to months of rapid coughing fits that sometimes end with a whooping sound. Children who have not been immunized or not immunized completely are at highest risk of contracting the disease. Always take precautions, teach your children to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly (lead by example) and stay current with each child’s immunizations.
For more information please contact your pediatrician or check out the CDPH’s website HERE.
*Don’t forget to enter our July GIVEAWAY for a got milk? swag bag HERE!*

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