Farm fresh and family friendly :: home herb gardens


I love fresh herbs. They enliven food like no other and—if grown at home—are super economical. Well…they’re fairly inexpensive at the store or farmers’ market, as well, but even more so at home where you can harvest just what you need for the meal at hand.

Our current herb garden is located in a few different spots. We have a rosemary plant in the backyard along with a few basil plants.


I recently planted a new herb garden in one of my favorite spots, just under the kitchen window and outside the front door. This location is ideal for its closeness to the kitchen and the ease with which I can step outside and pick a bit of thyme, oregano, or other herb for use.

My daughter and I ventured to a local nursery, selecting a few herbs and some flowers to fill in this spot. My daughter—who is 2—enjoyed declaring it “her turn” and taking the trowel from my hands and digging holes for the various plants. She also enjoyed ripping apart the thyme seedling. (It will grow back, so I’m not too concerned.)

Herb gardens are easy to plant. They don’t need much space and they can be planted in all sorts of places. Our rosemary plant is in a border area of our backyard. The basil plants are intermingled with our other summer vegetables. The new herb garden—thyme, oregano, and sage—is in a planter box.


Herb gardens can also be a great way to involve the kids in a garden project. My kids love to water things, dig in the dirt, and participate in the harvest. An herb garden generally isn’t too big, providing “child-size” opportunities for gardening fun.


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