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Sarah Cook is not your average mom, nor is she raising average kids. Sarah is a Sacramento mom who recognized the potential for her children to learn about high finance at a young age and has encouraged them to learn about and even start their own businesses! After seeing the success her own children were having she decided to start Raising CEO Kids: The Definitive Source for Supporting Kids Who Are or Want to be in Business.

This summer Raising CEO Kids is offering *FREE* online seminars covering a variety of topics including:

Growing Your Business While Raising Kids in Business (June 7)
Biz Tripping – How to Turn your Family VaCay into a Business Learning Experience (June 9)
Press Forward – Tips from the Experts on How to Get FREE Media Coverage (June 16)
Grocery Smarts – How to Save Money on Food and Get Your Kids involved in the Process (June 23)
Beyond the Piggy Bank – Teaching Kids about Money (July 08)

I’m pretty sure I can use those seminars for myself! There is a wealth of information (pun intended) at Raising CEO Kids and its sister site, Cash Savvy Kids. To register for any of the webinars click HERE.

We would love to hear your impressions of the online seminars and hear about the ways your children are learning about finance and small business this summer. Email us at eastsacmom{at}gmail{dot}com or comment below.

We’ll “see” you there!


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One Response to “Cash Savvy Kids”

  1. Sarah Cook Says:

    Thank you so much for featuring Raising CEO Kids and our events on your site! You are doing such a great job of keeping everyone in East Sac informed of great events! Have a wonderful July 4th weekend!

    Sarah Cook, Founder of

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