Farm fresh and family friendly :: the backyard garden


With summer temperatures just arriving in the Sacramento region, there’s still plenty of time to plant a summer garden.

If the thought of planting an entire garden is overwhelming, but you really like the idea of some fresh vegetables in your own backyard, considering planting a tomato plant or 2 in a pot, or building a small raised bed. Create a garden that’s realistic for your life.

Resources abound for the backyard gardener. Here are a few to get you started:

There are many nurseries around as well, with very knowledgeable staff. In East Sacramento try Talini’s  at 5601 Folsom Blvd. In South Sacramento, there is Capitol Nursery at 4700 Freeport Blvd.

Go dig in the dirt!


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2 Responses to “Farm fresh and family friendly :: the backyard garden”

  1. June Says:

    I’m so encouraged to read that it’s not too late. I’ve been really wanting to plant a tomato in a pot on our patio! Also, don’t forget about Pietro Talini’s nursery on Folsom and 56th. I heard East Sacramento Hardware is selling plants now too.

  2. Week End Wrap Up « East Sacramento Mom Says:

    […] End Wrap Up By June Happy Friday! What are you and your families doing this weekend? After Amanda’s post on Monday about planting a garden, we’ll be making a trip to Pietro Talini’s Nursery […]

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