Stranger Danger & Safety Meeting


For the second year in a row the River Park Mothers’ Club is hosting a Stranger Danger and Safety Meeting at the Glenn Hall Park Playground.

The event takes place on Tuesday, May 25th at 6PM and is open to all. The Sacramento Police Department will be giving short presentations to kids appropriate to their age.

3 to 5 year olds: What to do if you are approached by a stranger (the lesson taught through story books and scenarios), road safety and the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet.

6 years old and older: A more mature conversation on awareness, reacting to negative attention, gun safety, the consequences of calling and hanging up a 911 call and looking out for others.

After the talks there will be time for parents to ask questions pertaining to child, personal and community safety. Both discussions will be topped off with the opportunity to sit in the back of a police car, hang out with the police officers, get stickers and have their photos taken. The K9 Unit will also attend so the kids can “meet” the dogs and learn about their jobs.

This is a community event so bring a picnic, hang out at the playground, and get to know your neighbors better. This is not just for members of the Mothers’ Club, they want everyone in the area to benefit from this important education.

Organizers would like to have an idea of how many children to expect and the ages of the children attending, so please RSVP to Jill at Also, if there is a topic that you would like to be discussed please let Jill know and she will ensure it is included in the questions and answers time.

Glenn Hall Park is located at the end of Carlson Street in River Park. For more information email or call Jill at 415.846.1497.

We’ll see you there!


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