Gymnastics for Toddlers


“Now enROLLing!” Clever, eh? What kiddo doesn’t like to romp, roll and tumble (especially if it is across the bed you’ve just made our couch you’ve just fluffed?) OutReach Gymnastics and Motor Learning is the perfect solution.

Yolanda Milliken is a resident of East Sacramento with a BS in Kinesiology and over 8 years of teaching gymnastics under her mat hat. Check out her philosophy:

Gymnastics at an early age is a fun way to help children develop proficiency in movement skills.  It allows for focus to be on the uniqueness and abilities of each child in a non-competitive environment.  Perceptual motor development is a crucial need in the early years, influencing more than just the child’s ability to move.  It also has an important influence on readiness for learning.

OutReach Gymnastics is designed for children of preschool age (2-6) and classes take place Tuesday through Thursday at 10AM, 11AM and 12PM. Classes are ongoing, there is no registration fee, and the cost is $60 for 6 sessions. Participants attend one 45-minute class per week.

OutReach Gymnastics classes are taught at River Life Church located at 4401 A Street and for more information or to reserve a space, email or call 916.833.5744.

We’ll see you there!

What is your favorite physical activity to participate in with your toddler?

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4 Responses to “Gymnastics for Toddlers”

  1. Brandy Says:

    Definitely a good way and productive way to drain all that energy specially on this age group, Not only does your kid get exercise but he develops his muscles and hand and body coordination.

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  4. Val Says:

    Any classes for 1-year-old crawlers (almost walking)?

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