For (East Sac) Mom: Stroller Strides + Time To Be Fit


So, who is still rockin’ and rollin’ with their New Years resolutions? How about that pesky commitment to “exercise more”? Kuddos to you if you have kept it up. For the rest of us (ahem, myself included) there is still hope.

First up, a *FREE* fitness and nutrition consultation with Robyn Naymick-White, owner of Time To Be Fit. Join Robyn and other moms who are looking for advice and support to get in better shape on February 25th at Koukla Kids at 5:00PM for some tips on getting healthy. Time To Be Fit is a pilates/yoga/group exercise/personal training studio in East Sacramento that has so much to offer it will take a review of its own to cover it all. (Has anyone been? Tell us all about it!) If nothing else, meet Robyn and chat about your fitness and health goals next Thursday evening.

Maybe between laundry, kids, meals, laundry, cleaning, laundry and sleep, taking time out to yourself seems impossible. Enter Stroller Strides— a morning Mom and Baby workout in McKinley Park. Stroller Strides moms meet Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9-10AM.

Come make new friends, get in shape and spend time with your baby! Where else will you find a great workout, great comaraderie and the chance to model healthy behavior for your child? Join us for a complete head to toe total body workout using resistance bands, your stroller, and the environment…all while your child comes along for the ride! Please bring your stroller, water bottle, and towel/mat for ground exercises.

Participation in Stroller Strides is *FREE* for your first week and there are several class options to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that works for you, even if your schedule frequently changes. Here is an overview:

  • $15 for one-time drop-in sessions
  • $30 a month for a one day per week pass ($40 registration fee)
  • $55 for a monthy unlimited-class pass ($40 registration fee)
  • $100 for a 10-class pass

For more information about Stroller Strides click here or call 916.224.4963.

We’ll see you there!

What do you do to remain fit and healthy after having kids?

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One Response to “For (East Sac) Mom: Stroller Strides + Time To Be Fit”

  1. May Says:

    I took pilates classes with Robyn years ago at a yoga studio in Sac. She is amazing! My body was transformed within months after working out with her. I have been meaning to try a class at her studio…this may just give me the push I need! I’ll try to make it on Thursday (but, it is my kiddo’s soccer night…so if it is rained out I’ll be there!).

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