“Baby and Me” Monday Mornings at Art Beast


As a mom with a baby I am super excited when there is “Mommy and Me” anything. It can be difficult as a new mom (and I think it is fair to say you are a new mom until they are at least 2) to find ways to entertain your little one, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom. If that is the case for you, Monday mornings at Art Beast are here to the rescue.

“Baby and Me” Monday begins at 10AM with a Music and Movement class

Infants, toddlers, and adults come together to sing songs, dance, and create art. From a child development perspective, this age learns through the senses, so all the activities will incorporate art through looking, feeling, hearing, and smelling (think rose petal collage, peppermint paint…). And tasting is, of course, inevitable. The process is the key, taking home a product is minimal.  Say the theme is Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. We start at a circle, pass out prints for the children to hold, and we talk about what we see. We might sing a sunflower song, then go to a table of sunflowers to play with- touch, ruffle petals, stack. Lastly, we finger paint with yellow. How about Hopper’s Houses? A child can build a house with blocks and then paint one! Degas’ Dancers? Can’t paint a dancer ’till you’ve danced yourself! Rousseau’s Jungle? Monet’s Water?

You get the idea. Between classes you’ll have time to explore the infant soft space and movement room. If you’ve never been to Art Beast you can check out pictures here. Remember, there is tons of *FREE* parking around Art Beast so don’t let that deter you. Another plus: your admission is tax-deductible since it is also a donation to the Tubman House.

Admission to Art Beast is $8 for ages 12 months and older.  Second adults accompanying a child and babies under 1 year are *FREE*! Art Beast is located at 2226 K Street and for more information click here or call 916.441.1233.

We’ll see you there!


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