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For (East Sac) Mom: Stroller Strides + Time To Be Fit

February 23, 2010

So, who is still rockin’ and rollin’ with their New Years resolutions? How about that pesky commitment to “exercise more”? Kuddos to you if you have kept it up. For the rest of us (ahem, myself included) there is still hope.

First up, a *FREE* fitness and nutrition consultation with Robyn Naymick-White, owner of Time To Be Fit. Join Robyn and other moms who are looking for advice and support to get in better shape on February 25th at Koukla Kids at 5:00PM for some tips on getting healthy. Time To Be Fit is a pilates/yoga/group exercise/personal training studio in East Sacramento that has so much to offer it will take a review of its own to cover it all. (Has anyone been? Tell us all about it!) If nothing else, meet Robyn and chat about your fitness and health goals next Thursday evening.

Maybe between laundry, kids, meals, laundry, cleaning, laundry and sleep, taking time out to yourself seems impossible. Enter Stroller Strides— a morning Mom and Baby workout in McKinley Park. Stroller Strides moms meet Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9-10AM.

Come make new friends, get in shape and spend time with your baby! Where else will you find a great workout, great comaraderie and the chance to model healthy behavior for your child? Join us for a complete head to toe total body workout using resistance bands, your stroller, and the environment…all while your child comes along for the ride! Please bring your stroller, water bottle, and towel/mat for ground exercises.

Participation in Stroller Strides is *FREE* for your first week and there are several class options to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that works for you, even if your schedule frequently changes. Here is an overview:

  • $15 for one-time drop-in sessions
  • $30 a month for a one day per week pass ($40 registration fee)
  • $55 for a monthy unlimited-class pass ($40 registration fee)
  • $100 for a 10-class pass

For more information about Stroller Strides click here or call 916.224.4963.

We’ll see you there!

What do you do to remain fit and healthy after having kids?

National Pancake Day

February 22, 2010

Did you know there is a National Pigeon Day? No, really. There is. I think there is a National Day for just about everything though. While there are definitely some silly ones, one “National Day Of” this East Sac Mom can get behind is National Pancake Day— especially when it is in support of a good cause.

The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is offering a *FREE* shortstack (3 pancakes) per guest tomorrow, Tuesday, February 23rd from 7AM-10PM. In return, diners are asked to consider making a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network or other local charities. What a great way to support fantastic causes and encourage breakfast together as a family.

There isn’t an IHOP in East Sacramento but the closest location is at 2035 Arden Way. Click here for more information about National Pancake Day and here for additional location information.

We’ll see you there!

How do you like your pancakes? Butter and syrup? Fresh fruit and powdered sugar? I’m a peanut butter and real maple syrup gal myself.

Hello, Friday

February 19, 2010

We meet again.

In case you found yourself wondering, “Do those East Sac Moms ever attend any of the activities they write about?” I’m here to tell you, we do. Last weekend, for instance, we tried out a free yoga class and made an appearance at Second Saturday. Most weekends we can be found at Baby Lap-Sit Storytime and the Sunday Farmers Market.

What are you up to this weekend? Check out our East Sacramento Mom Calendar Page for suggestions.

We’ll see you there!

For (East Sac) Mom: *FREE* Yoga Classes

February 18, 2010

A while ago we wrote about *FREE* Yoga Fridays at It’s All Yoga and last week I was actually able to attend! I say “actually” because I work in the financial industry and lets just say “bankers hours” aren’t exactly what they used to be– so to be able to take in a Friday afternoon yoga class was like being on a vacation.

I arrived at It’s All Yoga around 4:20PM and found parking near the antique shop on the corner. It took every ounce of will power I had to walk past the store (there are a TON of cool things in that shop) and find my way to It’s All Yoga’s door. I checked my shoes at the door and found a place near the back of the room to unroll my mat. For those who didn’t bring a mat they had plenty to lend out. There was a sectioned-off area for personal belongings and a bakers rack full of supplies– blankets, blocks, mats, etc.

By 4:30PM the class was full but not uncomfortable. If you’re new you’ll want to get there early to get a space and not be the last-minute attendee that other participants have to scoot their mats to make room for (or maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t want to be that person.)  The pace was slow and relaxing and many of the poses could be modified either more difficulty or more ease. The hour flew by and I was pleased that there wasn’t too much of a “spiritual” tone to the class… you know, the “be one with our Mother earth” kind of thing. I’m sure there are lots of people who are way into that aspect of yoga, but to be honest, it weirds me out a little.

All that to say, I left the class refreshed and relaxed and I would definitely go back. So why not try it for yourself? Maybe you’re in my predicament and a Friday afternoon class isn’t ideal for you. Here are a few other options to try out a *FREE* yoga class in East Sacramento:


Asha Yoga: one Saturday a month 1-3PM (read more here)

McKinley Park: Saturdays 9-10:15AM (behind the rose garden)

The Yoga Solution: Fridays 5:30-6:45PM

Fremont Presbyterian Church: Saturdays 9-10:15AM

We’ll see you there!

Any yoga experience feedback? Are you one with Mother Earth, looking to relax or just get in better shape? If you’ve been to any of the above-mentioned locations comment below and let us know what you thought.

Lango: Spanish for Kids at Koukla Kids

February 17, 2010

There are countless studies showing the correlation between learning a second language and increased brain function in young children. To give parents and children an opportunity to learn, Koukla Kids is hosting Lango: Spanish for Kids.

During Lango sessions, your child will learn another language, make developmental strides, explore other cultures and socialize with other kids. Their language classes use music, games, art and stories to teach kids new languages. The classes are not cheap, at a little over $18 per session, but they are an activity for both parent and child. The classes take place for 6 weeks and the total cost for all 6 sessions is $110.

Lango: Spanish for Kids begins this Saturday, February 20th and registration is required. There are two sessions, one for ages 18 months to 3 years from 11:30AM-12:15PM (Tot-and-Parent) and one for ages 3-5 from 12:30-1:15PM (Preschool).

To register, email or call Helen Hadani at 530.220.0453. Koukla Kids is located at 3809 J Street and for more information click here or call 916.254.5433.

We’ll see you there!

Do you have a multi-lingual household? What other ways have you found to expose your children to another language?

Wee Wednesday at the Crocker Art Museum

February 16, 2010

It’s that time again– Wee Wednesday at the Crocker! Wee Wednesdays are designed for children ages 3-5 and an adult in their lives. Encourage your early learner’s development through multi-sensory activities inspired by art and storytelling. Wee Wednesday is *FREE* with admission but pre-registration is required. To register, call 916.808.1182 or email

The Crocker Art Museum is located at 216 O Street and admission is $3 for students, $4 for seniors and $6 for ages 12 and up. Wee Wednesday sessions are 10:30AM and 1PM on Wednesday, February 17th and for more information click here or call 916.808.1182.

We’ll see you there!

“Baby and Me” Monday Mornings at Art Beast

February 15, 2010

As a mom with a baby I am super excited when there is “Mommy and Me” anything. It can be difficult as a new mom (and I think it is fair to say you are a new mom until they are at least 2) to find ways to entertain your little one, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom. If that is the case for you, Monday mornings at Art Beast are here to the rescue.

“Baby and Me” Monday begins at 10AM with a Music and Movement class

Infants, toddlers, and adults come together to sing songs, dance, and create art. From a child development perspective, this age learns through the senses, so all the activities will incorporate art through looking, feeling, hearing, and smelling (think rose petal collage, peppermint paint…). And tasting is, of course, inevitable. The process is the key, taking home a product is minimal.  Say the theme is Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. We start at a circle, pass out prints for the children to hold, and we talk about what we see. We might sing a sunflower song, then go to a table of sunflowers to play with- touch, ruffle petals, stack. Lastly, we finger paint with yellow. How about Hopper’s Houses? A child can build a house with blocks and then paint one! Degas’ Dancers? Can’t paint a dancer ’till you’ve danced yourself! Rousseau’s Jungle? Monet’s Water?

You get the idea. Between classes you’ll have time to explore the infant soft space and movement room. If you’ve never been to Art Beast you can check out pictures here. Remember, there is tons of *FREE* parking around Art Beast so don’t let that deter you. Another plus: your admission is tax-deductible since it is also a donation to the Tubman House.

Admission to Art Beast is $8 for ages 12 months and older.  Second adults accompanying a child and babies under 1 year are *FREE*! Art Beast is located at 2226 K Street and for more information click here or call 916.441.1233.

We’ll see you there!

Happy Friday!

February 12, 2010

I heard someone say this week that “the weekend is not a measure of time but a state of mind” and I couldn’t agree more. So what are you up to this weekend? If you need some ideas, here are a few suggestions:

We’ll see you there!

Be sure to let us know if there are other events happening in East Sacramento on the weekends– and send us your reviews or comments afterwards! Have a great weekend East Sacramento Moms.

Second Saturday for Families at the Crocker Art Museum

February 11, 2010

Sacramento has many claims to fame (ha, ha) and one of the most popular is Second Saturday. My favorite thing about Second Saturday is that there is literally something for everyone. Whether you are a regular or you’re interested in checking it out for the first time, start your day at the Crocker Art Museum’s Second Saturday for Families: Drawing from Still Life.

The Crocker is home to still-life paintings featuring grapes, flowers, fruit and even dead fish and birds. In this Saturday’s art workshop your family can experiment with an assortment of objects to create and draw a still life arrangement of their own. This would be the perfect way to introduce a form of art to your child, and let them take home their own masterpiece!

Second Saturday for Families is *FREE* with admission to the Crocker Art Museum and takes place Saturday, February 13th from 12-3PM. Admission to the Crocker is $6 for ages 12 and up, $4 for seniors and $3 for students up to 12.

The Crocker Art Museum is located at 216 O Street and for more information click here or call 916.808.1182.

We’ll see you there!

How many local artists can you name? (Um, this ESM can’t name any, which I feel is shameful… so you’ll be seeing our family at SS this weekend!)

Drum Circle Wednesday: NEW at Art Beast

February 10, 2010

Does your child enjoy taking every pot and pan out of the cupboard and making beautiful music with a drawer full of kitchen utensils? Please don’t tell me it’s just my kid. Either way, we’ll be checking out Art Beast’s new Wednesday class, Drum Circle.

Come join the drum circle! Bring your drum or play one of the many drums and percussion instruments we will have set out. Children will follow the beats and dance if they feel inclined. Our teacher, Deborah, knows both drums and how to work with children. We promise 30 minutes of rhythm and community.

Drum Circle is open to all ages and takes place Wednesday mornings from 10:30-11AM. Art Beast is located at 2226 K Street and admission is $8 per child over 12 months and adult chaperone. Children under 1 year and additional adults are *FREE*.

For more information click here or call 916.441.1233.

We’ll see you there!

What is your child’s favorite non-toy toy?