Real Mom Review: My First 5K


Let me first say that I DID have pictures to accompany this post. Then I somehow, inadvertently, deleted them off of both the memory card on my camera AND the file on my computer to which I had them saved. Don’t ask me how.

Despite not having photographic evidence to share with you, May and I participated in the My First 5K run at the Capitol on Sunday morning.  We arrived just before the race began and didn’t have any trouble finding parking. I parked about two blocks away, near the California Museum, and May parked in the Hyatt Parking Garage. There were a bunch of tents set up with information and giveaways on the grass at the west steps of the Capitol. Whole Foods had the best booth (which is no surprise since they sponsored the run) and were handing out fresh fruit, reusable grocery bags, Frisbees, granola bars and water bottles.

The emcee reported 180 participants who registered for the event in advance and 620 who registered that morning, for a total of 800! I’ve participated in quite a few 5K’s and fun runs over the years and they are usually jam-packed and a ton of people makes it difficult to maneuver. Not so with the My First 5K. Since it was the kick-off year, 800 people was actually a manageable number. We had no problem walking together with our jogger strollers, and only had to scoot toward the right at the end of the race when the runners (we walked) began to pass us up.

The one area for improvement we can see is a better route. The course had us running two laps around the Capitol which meant the faster group doubled up on the slower group. Not a huge deal.

The kids’ fun runs in the morning were adorable to watch and the emcee (who was running with a gigantic foam finger) encouraged the kids by offering $100 to anyone who could beat him to the finish line. There were adults dressed in fruit costumes (yes, reminiscent of Fruit of the Loom commercials) running along side the children and the kids ate it up (haha).

After the race there was a big group toast, complete with sparkling cider, to celebrate everyone who finished. The atmosphere was light and fun and the slower participants (me) weren’t intimidated by the more serious racers. It was such a great way to begin 2010 and I’ll definitely put this 5K on my list for next year. And how fun to be a part of something from the very beginning!

Here’s to looking forward to the Shamrockin’ 5K and Half Marathon coming up in March.

Did you participate in the My First 5K? What did you think? Let us know!


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