Carnival of Lights and Carnival at St. Rose


One of our family’s favorite holiday activities is walking around East Sacramento and enjoying the gorgeous light displays and decorations. We load the thermos with hot chocolate, bundle up with scarves, gloves and beanies, and enjoy the fruits of our neighbors’ labor. Not only is the walk great exercise, it is good for both the environment and our budget (saving money in gas instead of driving.)

If the weather doesn’t permit walking or you’d like to take in some professionally assembled displays you need to make time in the next month to see the Downtown Partnership’s Carnival of Lights!

This holiday season, the Carnival of Lights will delight visitors with a dazzling display of lights throughout the Central City from the waterfront through Midtown. Lights, reminiscent of the historic Grand Electric Carnival of 1895, will be on display November 25 through January 3. Downtown Sacramento will be aglow with colorful lights, twinkling trees, shooting stars, holiday banners and much more!

The promotion, produced by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, will connect holiday events including Old Sacramento’s Theatre of Lights and Carnival at St. Rose with downtown retailers, hotels and restaurants. The decorative lighting will create a magical and memorable pedestrian experience.

The Carnival of Lights is the Downtown Partnership’s effort to make up for not hosting the Downtown Holiday Ice Rink and encompasses the area between Old Sacramento and 7th and K Streets (where you will find the Carnival at St. Rose!)

Complete with classic carnival games, rides and food vendors, the Carnival at St. Rose will “bring the holidays to life at 7th & K streets.” The Carnival at St. Rose is subject to weather restrictions, but is generally open to the public daily through January 3rd from noon to 8PM. Admission is $7 for adults and $6 for seniors over 55 and children under 12. The Carnival at St. Rose is located at Lima Park at 7th and K Streets.

Where to park? Parking validation is available for the Westfield Downtown Plaza (garage entrances are located at 5th and J Streets and 4th and L Streets) but you may also find street parking (if you’re lucky!)

For more information about the Carnival at St. Rose click here or call 916.442.5563.

For more information about the Carnival of Lights click here or call 916.442.8575.

Are you planning to check out either of the light displays? Are there any neighborhood displays you would recommend? Share with other readers by commenting on this post. We appreciate your feedback.

We’ll see you there!


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