And, we’re back!


Well… what do you think?

New beautiful banner, new fun background, and fresh enthusiasm to seek out those free/cheap/fun/educational family oriented activities in East Sacramento. Along with our new look we’ll be launching some new features in the coming weeks, including a “Meet East Sac Mom” where we’d love to introduce our readers to each other!

We would love to get more community involvement in East Sacramento Mom so please email us if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Submitting a “Real Mom Review” of an event, group, or venue.
  • Allowing us to feature you in a “Meet East Sac Mom” article.
  • If you know (or own) an East Sacramento business we can show support of.
  • You’d like to submit a kid-friendly craft idea.
  • You have a product review you’d like to share.
  • You’re willing to be a guest (or regular) contributor to East Sac Mom.

East Sacramento Mom relies heavily on reader feedback so please leave us comments or shoot us an email with any input you have. Our email address is

Side note: We are working on getting a seperate page for events so there isn’t a ridiculously long scroll on the home page, as there is currently.

Is there anything else you’d like to see? Anything you’d like us to feature? Please let us know!

Thank you for your patience this month and we’ll be back tomorrow with regular daily posting.

We’ll see you then!



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