For (East Sac) Mom: European Wax Center


This is by far the coolest *FREE* thing we have yet to bring to you on East Sacramento Mom: A FREE TOTAL BODY WAX. We’re not even kidding. No strings attached. Nothing to purchase. Here’s the deal…

European Wax Center is opening a location in Loehmann’s Plaza on Wednesday, October 28th. From Thursday the 22nd through Tuesday the 27th they are holding a “test opening” where you can schedule a whole body wax for *FREE*. Call them to schedule your appointment as soon as possible! (June’s already has hers scheduled!)

If you can’t make it in for the test opening, there is still good news. At European Wax Center your first bikini, under arm, or brow wax is absolutely *FREE* (there are small charges to upgrade to the full or Brazilian bikini waxes) so you will definitely have to leave the kids with your partner and make it a point to visit them. (I doubt your hubby will put up much of a fight!)

At European Wax Center bikini waxes are only $22-35 and if you’ve ever had one, you know they usually run anywhere from $40-70 at most salons. ALL they do is waxing too, so there is less of that awkwardness (at least for this East Sac Mom) because you know they are professionals and do this all day, every day.

For more information, click here or call 916.486.2929. European Wax Center is located at 2525 Fair Oaks Boulevard.

Remember to call for your appointment during the test opening this week and be sure to let us know if you go, and what you thought! Comment on this post or email us at


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