Real Mom Review: ArtBeast


The stars aligned last week and I was finally able to take my 8 month old to ArtBeast. The quick and dirty review: We’ll definitely be going back. Now for the more lengthy, detailed review:


First off, I am always leery of going places downtown because you never know what the parking situation will be like. ArtBeast is located on K Street between 22nd and 23rd and we were able to find a parking spot right on the corner of 23rd and K. We went on a Thursday morning and both automobile and foot traffic was light. A good start!


Walking up to the cute brick building where there was “stroller parking” behind a locked gate on the right hand side of the entrance. That was a nice touch since ArtBeast is a three story building with no elevator.


The sidewalk in front of the entrance was even decorated with chalk which I thought was a really nice touch. When you walk in the front door you’re greeted by the front desk and you sign in and pay. They offer water and other beverages and the first level has a soft area for babies to crawl around and explore. Then up the stairs you go, to the second level.


The second floor features this open area with tables, chairs, and just about every form of artistic medium you can imagine. We didn’t spend much time there since my kiddo can’t quite stand and do anything else but hang on for dear life yet, but the tables and stools looked pretty clean and about as organized as you would expect.


Right off of the main art room there is this really cool jungle gym area. Then you head outside and find a great structure for kids to experiment with the different sounds varieties of metal can make.


There is also an outdoor area for water-play and a table for parents to sit in the shade.


If you head upstairs to the third level you’ll find the family bathroom– which is completely updated and well maintained. Past the bathroom is the room pictured below, full of interactive toys to encourage movement and activity.


There is even a small area sectioned off for babies and crawlers. No shoes allowed and there is a gate to keep the little ones wrangled. You can see in the photo below there is bench seating for parents (or diaper bags).


We came to ArtBeast for the Beastie Song Circle with Ryan at 11AM on Thursdays. When we arrived there were several participants but the longer Ryan played, the more kids found their way to the other rooms. It wasn’t Ryan’s fault, it’s hard to compete with all the other things there are to see and do at ArtBeast!


The room above is surrounded by windows and trees which makes for a gorgeous view. One entire wall is mirrors so the kids can see themselves and that, out of everything, might have been my 8 month old’s favorite part of ArtBeast. All he wanted to do was crawl over and look at himself in the mirror.

For $8 (the cost for my admission since 12 months and younger are free) it was a great late-morning outing for us. We will definitely look into getting a monthly membership (rather, asking for some for Christmas and birthdays). This East Sac Mom highly recommends checking out ArtBeast for yourself. Has anyone tried a children’s yoga class there? Have you taken older children? I’d love to hear other mom’s reviews. Let us know! Leave a comment on this post or send us an email.


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