Where are the wild things? At ArtBeast!


artbeast logoI’m just warning you now, this is going to be a lengthy post! After learning about ArtBeast we couldn’t wait to share, so here goes…

Who better to tell you about ArtBeast but themselves?

ArtBeast is a drop in arts exploration space for children featuring an open studio, arts classes, and arts exploration rooms. Though all children are welcome to visit ArtBeast, special focus is given to creating an environment for children under 6.

The open studio features tables, easels, and clay mounds where young artists can work. Surrounding shelves are stocked with paint, papers, objects from nature, recycled tidbits, glues, crayons, glitter, scissors, an array of brushes, and an even wider offering of objects from which to make art. Children develop confidence in expressing and messing as they create art pieces that convey their sense of the world.

Arts exploration rooms include rooms to explore dramatic arts, music, and movement. Dramatic play spaces changes monthly so children can explore the creation of story lines with ever changing scenery, props, costumes, and puppets. A music exploration space offers instruments from around the world so that budding musicians can strum, form drum circles, or form a band for the afternoon.

Doesn’t that sound like so much fun for kids?! If you aren’t already scrambling to pack up your little ones to check it out, here is another reason to L-O-V-E ArtBeast: 100%of every dollar received by ArtBeast goes back into purchasing supplies and donations to The Tubman House. The Tubman House is a transitional living program supporting Sacramento’s homeless youth and children. I’m not ashamed to say that this East Sac Mom got choked up after learning that. What an incredible thing ArtBeast is doing.

As they state on their website,  “ArtBeast is a creative effort to sustain good work and reduce dependency on dwindling funding for nonprofits.”

Wow. Thank you ArtBeast. You are our hero here at East Sacramento Mom.

Now for everyone who is just learning about ArtBeast and wants a part of the action, you can find the studio at 2226 K St or click on their website here. They offer one-time admissions, monthly memberships, and classes.

“ArtBeast classes emphasize exploration over specialization. Classes include dance, yoga, storytelling, singing, Spanish, visual arts, music, movement, and dramatic arts. Our memberships allow children to sample the arts affordably so that they needn’t pick a single discipline or limit exploration to 45 minutes a week. Drop in visitors can add a class for $8 a session if the class is not full.”

$8 is less than going to see a movie these days and your child can come away with so much more– educationally, culturally and physically. Oh, and did I mention children under 1 are *FREE*? My 7 month-old and I will be making another trip for finger painting very soon.

We are almost speechless. Almost. If we didn’t have so much to rave about ArtBeast we would be speechless.

For more information click here or call 916.441.1233. Visit ArtBeast daily from 9AM-6PM. Have you been to ArtBeast? Leave us a comment or send us pictures! We’d love to share with our readers.

We’ll see you there!


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