Rivercats Wrap Up



For our family, baseball = summer. Summer is drawing to a close and we realized we hadn’t been to a single game this season! Sunday was the day. We planned it out, made a schedule, prepared everything ahead of time so we could arrive early and get a good spot in the grass– and yet we still managed to be standing outside the ballpark by the time the National Anthem rang out. Oh well, such is life with kids, right?

Lucky for us, there were surprisingly few people at the game and despite being late we found a good spot in the grass with plenty of room to spread out our blanket and giant umbrella. The weather could not have been more perfect and there were even people handing out free sunblock when we walked through the gates! Score!rivercats1Look how cute these kids are up against the fence, hoping to catch a ball thrown to them by an outfielder. We have a baby (under 12 months) so we mostly sat, let him people-watch, and walked around the park. Raley Field had some kind of dog-lovers promotion so there were puppies all over the place. (They handed out packages of free dog biscuits as we were leaving– score again!)

It was also military appreciation day and an enormous plane flew low over the field before the game started. It was extremely cool. We did purchase “Value Corner” tickets for $7 each instead of grass seats but the cashier assured us it was okay to sit in the grass instead of the Value Corner. After a hot dog and a frozen lemonade, plus $7 for parking, we had a great day out for less than $30. Our son slept a few innings and actually made it to the end of the game. The Rivercats lost, but our family won, in the form of a wonderful afternoon together.

There are only a few games left but if you get a chance, I highly recommend taking one in.


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