East Sacramento Parade 2009


Yes, East Sac Mom was in attendance at this year’s 41st St Parade. We happened to be watching from 41st St itself, just as the parade began. The fire truck leading the way is always a crowd pleaser (although I have to say I think the fire fighters riding in the truck were enjoying it more than the onlookers.)eastsacmom1

Don’t you just love the classic cars that participate? It seemed like the classics were fewer this year than in years past, so we appreciated the Rex Moore truck even more. Second to the classic cars, children riding decorated bicycles are my second favorite attraction. You just know they were up late the night before putting the finishing touches on their mini “floats”.


Even the military joined in the fun! These military Hummers held their ground in the parade and were trailed by the boy scouts. The service man with the bull horn was one of our favorite parade-goers. What enthusiasm!


Check out the Radio Flyer below, transformed into an adorable pint-sized float. If we had thought to hand out awards for Most Creative participant, this family would have walked away with the prize.


Thank you to all who marched in the parade, all who hosted friends and neighbors in their streets and front yards, and all who came out to enjoy the wonderful Independence Day celebrations in East Sacramento.

If you have more pictures to share or comments on the parade, we’d love to see them and hear from you! Email us at eastsacmom@gmail.com or leave us a comment on this post. Suggestions for next year are also welcome. Our families have already begun planning how we’re going to make our jogger strollers into the ultimate 4th of July Parade floats so we can join in the fun.

We wish you a happy and safe 4th!


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